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Industrial Cutting

  • Brass Cutting
  • Aluminium Cutting
  • Profile Cutting
  • Stainless Steel Cutting
  • MS and Alloy Steel Cutting
  • Composites Titanium Cutting
  • Unusual Waterjet Jobs
  • Inconel

Architectural Cutting

  • Glass Cutting
  • Marbles and Granites Cutting
  • Tiles and Wood Cutting
  • Architectural Cutting

Signages Cutting

  • Sign Board cutting
  • Letters Cutting

Welcome to Alind (A Waterjet Cutting Industry)

Strategically located at Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, India, ALIND is a full service Water Jet Cutting job shop, specializing profile cutting in stainless steel, aluminum,titanium,alloy Steels,Inconel, granite, marble, glass and tile and many other metals and non metals.

Our no heat CNC profile cutting process cuts any metal and non metals of any composition and type up to 150 mm thick. Just a CAD drawing will do, to bring part drawings or your ideas into reality.

We are proud to offer the latest technology to the industrial fraternity of South India, which the East and West have been utilizing for over a decade. our services are appreciated for being qualitative, timely with end result of cost-effectiveness.

We are specialized in waterjet profile cutting job work service in Chennai with leading companies and providing high quality with long term services.

Meeting Clients Requirements

Being a client-oriented company, we believe that the growth of our clients is a sign of our growth as well and thus, we give full cooperation to our customers and garner maximum client satisfaction. We aim at saving our clients precious time and also cut-down on the cost of the material. We invite our customers to give us their valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement in the quality of our services.

We believe our job shop facility will open up new possibilities and opportunities for you, in creating new products or services in your portfolio, irrespective of you are an Engineer or an Architect or a Designer.